The Love Shack Bus Stop
Oil on steel, vintage glider, & tin roof rusted!
Athens, Georgia
The Love Shack Bus Stop won the Athens Area Art Council’s 2009 “You, Me and the Bus Competition|.” Dana Jo's winning design was recently built as a functioning bus stop and installed in February 2012. The Love Shack Bus Stop is based on a full-scale installation of The Love Shack, commissioned by Savannah College of Art & Design, 2004. The project was also selected for the Best of Kickstarter 2012. (+ in info about Jimbo and LeeAnne here)
The Love Shack
Savannah, Georgia
The Love Shack is a full-scale installation based on the B-52's hit song, Love Shack. This installation was commissioned by the Savannah College of Art & Design for The We Hear You, Georgia! exhibition, 2004(Red Gallery, Savannah, Georgia). The exhibition was a collaboration of the college and the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and featured a live performance by the B-52s at Trustee's Theater. The Love Shack was constructed in my (late) Grandfather's barn in Whitwell, Tennessee. The Love Shack installation was made possible by Savannah College of Art & Design|, Professor Katherine Sandoz, the late Tracy Haymans, and my loving family & friends. 

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